Transitioning from the corporate world in to a full time makeup artist made me expand my business in such a way where my passion and purpose also grew and shifted. In less then a year I went from being a full time makeup artist into a full time

Beauty Therapist


Now as a beauty therapist I not only do makeup, but I do lashes and brows also.
The new transition was quite easy from all the experiences I’ve gained during the years as a makeup artist. 
Doing brows comes naturally since we shape brows on a daily as a MUA.

I call myself a "Beauty Therapist” because I truly believe in giving a service where you can come in & leave feeling relaxed and more confident.
I also pride myself on having genuine conversations with my clients.

With a strong feminist spirit I created my business around the need of the women.
While having a mindset of women support women, I strive to give a sense of sisterhood to each and every client that steps through the door.


The studio represents femininity. 
From the chosen colors to the soft cotton tree.
So the name “Fem” originated from a short pronunciation
of female, feminist & femininity.


We also call our clients Fem-ily because everyone should feel at home.
It’s my safe haven, my creative space, my relaxed & women cave
that I share with you all.


I honestly don't feel as if I'm working because I'm literally doing what I love.


& the only way to do great work is to love what you do!